4 FREE self help resources – Coronavirus and your mental wellbeing

Coronavirus and your mental wellbeing - 4 FREE self help resources
Coronavirus and your mental wellbeing

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We are all living in such uncertain and worrying times right now. So many things are causing us stress and anxiety on top of the Coronavirus itself. Work, money, food, health, children, staying home, the list seems endless. Any one of these can magnify underlying anxieties we may have.

Coronavirus and your mental wellbeing - anxiety
Coronavirus and your mental wellbeing – anxiety

Now, perhaps more than ever, we need to be taking care of our mental wellbeing as well as our physical wellbeing. Recently I wrote about what simple steps you can take to stay healthy in body. I have put together some free resources to stay mentally healthy.

Coronavirus and your mental wellbeing - don't panic
Coronavirus and your mental wellbeing – don’t panic

1 – Mind Cards – FREE download

I’m very pleased to have teamed up with LSW London to bring you their Mind Cards. If you haven’t heard of them, they provide products to promote wellbeing and mindfulness. Lili, the founder, realised that it isn’t the big grand gestures that make us happy. It is the small things which build up over time to give us that meaningful, lasting happiness. She has devised Mind Cards which prompt you to do one simple thing each day to build on your happiness. You can purchase single packs from as little as £2.99 or a whole set for £14.99. Additionally, just for you, I’ve got a gift of a FREE relaxation download, normally £2.99, with promo code FREELAXATION for this week only. Click here to redeem your freebie and take a look around Lili’s shop.

The relaxation download session is only just over 5 minutes long, short enough to slot into a busy day. The first time I tried it I fell into a state of deep relaxation very quickly. I was then able to clear my mind and focus for the rest of the day. It’s like a verbal guide to your mental happy place. A great way to start your journey into mindfulness. Highly recommended.

Coronavirus and your mental wellbeing - happy place
Coronavirus and your mental wellbeing – happy place

2 – Headspace – FREE content

I have used the Headspace app for some years. They have tons of meditation and mindfulness resources and some free introductory courses too. If you have never meditated before, this is a great place to start. They have released a FREE pack to help get through the current global crisis. It is called Weathering the Storm. Usually you subscribe to access all of their content and this is a brilliant freebie from them.

Andy Puddicombe, one of the founders of Headspace, voices a lot of the courses and has the most relaxing and soothing voice. It’s hard for me not to fall asleep when listening to him. Although my initial reason for starting with Headspace was to sleep better, they have packages for all sorts of situations. Sleeping is one of them of course, they also have packages for calming meditations, stressful situations, SOS sessions and much more. I have a link for you to get 14 days full free access. Down load via the App Store or Play store. You can access the free pack via the app and some of the content on the website. Highly Recommended.

Explore Headspace
Explore Headspace

3 – Calm – FREE content

CALM is another meditation resource which has been around for years. They have offered a free pack with Soothing Meditations, a Calm Masterclass and Calm Kids resources. You can access their FREE content here. Read all the way to the bottom of the page as they have 40% off your first year of premium membership right now, if you want to sign up for more.


4 – NHS website – extensive FREE resources

Last but by no means least, is our wonderful NHS and their Every Mind Matters campaign. The website is chock full of resources. Firstly there is guidance for your wellbeing whilst having to stay at home. Secondly they have a list of 10 simple ways to deal with the anxiety of Coronavirus. Not only that, in the Apps tab there are plenty more things for your general health such as the Couch to 5k app, Easy meals and Active 10 apps. All are available in the App store and Play store.

NHS logo
NHS logo

Without question, the main thing to remember in all of this is:


Stay safe and much love x